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  • I am certainly no fan of cold weather

    Yeah, well, it has happened. The days of laughing and jumping and smiling and, especially, riding my motorcycle for the year are over.

  • Board meetings can be boring, but they matter

    Board meetings can be boring. There, I said it.

  • Try to seek out legitimate news sources

    I get asked a lot of questions as editor of the newspaper. Many are along the lines of, “Can you even read?” Or, “Do you know what editing means?”

  • Could modern NFL players survive in the old days?

    Football was a big deal in my neighborhood when I was a kid. Baseball was too, of course, but we also loved football. In those days, you could go to Sears and get a jersey from exactly three teams – the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Colts (yes, kids, they were in Baltimore then). Now, I couldn't find any of those places on the map, but for some reason I became the biggest Bart Starr fan of all time.

  • No matter what you call it, keep an eye on beverage tax

    So, is it soda or pop? It seems that it depends on where you grew up. I grew up just calling it soda, or the brand you wanted. If you wanted a Pepsi, you said Pepsi. A Mr. Pibb, a Tab … you get the picture. I'm old.

  • Booze-fueled time travel? Not buying it

    Alcohol has led to some of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind. Seriously.

  • It is hard to be shocked by the violence these days

    I just can't muster up the shock anymore. I certainly feel sadness, and I feel some outrage, some concern for the future. But it is hard to get too freaked out about anything in 2017.

  • Finally, here come the October horror movies

    Hello, October. I know a lot of people who like this month. The leaves are falling and temperatures are cooling. Out come the flannel pajamas to wear by a cozy fire (or to the dollar store for some misguided people).

  • TV weather people need to take cover during storms

    Hurricanes are just not cool. Not at all. Recently, we have had Irma tear through the Caribbean and Florida and points north. My son, who lives north of Miami, was thankfully out of state when it hit. But there was damage near his place when he got home a few days later.

  • I went to Vegas, and I'll gladly talk about it

    I love Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a great place for entertainment. It has some incredible restaurants. It has plenty of glitz and glamour. I like it so much that I will give it a pass for making Carrot Top more famous than he should be.

  • Not sure I will ever get over liver day

    Liver day. Those two words would strike more fear in the hearts of school kids in my day than “go to the principal’s office.” We even feared liver day more than that pink sawdust stuff they put on puke when a kid had too much fun on the playground after lunch.

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Oregon High School Madrigal Dinner at Stronghold in December

OREGON – Oregon High School Madrigals invite all to attend their annual Madrigal Dinners. Come to one or both performances scheduled for Friday, Dec.8, and Saturday, Dec. 9, beginning at 6 p.m. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. The Madrigal dinner will be held at Brubaker Center at Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center: 1922 Illinois Rt. 2 N, Oregon.

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Costume contest winners announced

Here are the winners of the 69th Knights of Columbus Halloween Parade contest:

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