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  • President should worry less about ratings

    The most recent poll shows President Trump’s approval rating of 36 percent is the lowest of any president since Harry Truman.

  • Not all casinos were created equally

    The smell of cigarette smoke. The sound of oxygen tanks banging off of machines. The stomach ache that comes after the buffet. It can only be talking about one thing – a casino, baby!

  • New jail process brings out the good and the bad

    After covering local governments in a variety of states for more than 25 years, I have learned a few things. The most important is that no matter how well planned, deeply discussed or calmly thought out an idea, there will be many who simply hate it.

  • Here are some helpful tips on how to dress this summer

    The warm weather is finally here, people. Let us celebrate with cool beverages, clothes that really aren't appropriate for people our age, and a healthy dose of the greatest invention in the history of man – air conditioning. I love summer, and I love wa

  • Be thoughtful of scared animals when using fireworks

    I love dogs. I have always loved dogs, but my fondness for them has only grown over the years. My wife and I rescue bully breed dogs and they are simply wonderful family members.

  • We complain - it's what we do

    You sat in your house last week sweating. Or you were in a car at a stoplight melting and fuming. Or you were out for an early-morning run and realized it was as hot as Hades. And you complained.

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Park district offers after-school program

OREGON – The start of school will be here before you know it. Do you have plans for your Oregon student either before or after school? The Oregon Park District offers a flexible and affordable before and after school program aligned with the O.E.S calend

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Park concert series continues

OREGON – The Oregon Park District Concert in the Park series continues in July with two more concerts on Tuesday evenings.

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