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  • Teachers deserve the best we can give them

    It’s about time. I see that school teachers in many parts of the country – including my home state of Arizona – are starting to say enough is enough.

  • We need to do something about all of this plastic

    Humans are good at quite a few things. We are good at problem solving, which is why we find ourselves as the unrivaled rulers here on the planet. We have mastered the most basic tasks, like creating fire, and the most complex tasks, like splitting the atom.

  • Certain words should not be political weapons

    I am taking back a word. It is a word I grew up understanding. It is a word that is very American. It is a word that many of us have used to describe ourselves.

  • Balding? No, that's strategic thinning

    I knew this day would come, and I have been dreading it. How long have I been dreading it? For more than 40 years, that’s how long.

  • No longer seeing life through my tunnel vision

    The pilot warned me that I might get tunnel vision. I was in the backseat of an FA-18 Hornet fighter jet being flown by a U.S. Navy Blue Angels pilot and we were going straight up into a blue sky – and gaining speed.

  • Paying the price for trying to be cool

    Everyone has a “thing.” For some it is being mechanical. For others it is science, or art or sports. For me, that thing is music – specifically playing the guitar.

  • Killing of family dog should not go unpunished

    I love dogs. I have always loved dogs. I am what you would call a dog person. My wife and I have two rescue dogs and they are not merely pets to us – they are family members. We love them and care for them and they love us right back. The joy they bring us makes life even more full and wonderful.

  • One gym chain is taking care of body and mind

    There are many realities we must face as we age: We can get out of touch with popular culture, the musical and sports heroes of our youth start dying off at an alarming rate, and hair grows in the absolute worst places at a rate that astonishes scientists.

  • Political ad is worst of the worst

    Well, the Super Bowl is over for another year, and the much-hated New England Patriots and their quarterback/male model/possible robot Tom Brady were denied ring No. 6.

  • Man drove up for a burrito, drove off in a squad car

    I love Mexican food. And by “love,” I mean I could eat it for every meal for the rest of my life. I am a border kid, and grew up with food full of delicious spicy meat, dripping with sauce and topped with cheese.

  • Sure young people can be dumb, but so were you at their age

    Young people can be pretty dumb. We know it, but they have no idea. But they will.

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Taft lunch, tour set

OREGON – The Oregon Park District has teamed up with Taft Campus to offer a luncheon and tour to the public.

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Byron Bank welcomes Dave Gatz

BYRON –Byron Bank announces that Dave Gatz has joined the mortgage lending team as a loan officer at the Byron location.

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New Horizon’s Drug Court announces graduates

OREGON – The New Horizon’s Ogle County Adult Drug Court recently celebrated the graduation of four participants who successfully completed all 5 required phases of Drug Court.

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Arson investigator, K-9 partner featured at Byron Women’s Club

BYRON – Mitch Kushner, an arson investigator and K-9 handler with the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall, was the featured speaker at the recent Byron Women’s Club meeting.

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Byron Middle School starts ukulele club

BYRON – More than 25 Byron Middle School students came together at the beginning of the current school year to form a ukulele club.

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