2023 Ogle County 4-H Achievement celebration winners named

Ogle Jolly 4-H Club won Club of the Year for the 2022-2023 4-H Year! Sponsored by 4-H Federation, Club-of-the-Year goes to the club that received the most participation points throughout the year and met the following standards: established goals for the 4-H year; submitted a club calendar containing program information; and qualified as an Ogle County 4-H Honor Club.

OREGON —  Ogle County’s top 4-H members and clubs were honored for outstanding achievement at a special program held Sunday, Nov. 12, in the Byron Middle School Theatre.

Top county honors went to 4-H teens Katy Snow, Oregon, and Lacie Williams, Leaf River. Snow, Blackhawk Crossing 4-H Club, and Williams, Leaf River Soaring Eagles 4-H Club, were the recipients of the Co-op Watch Awards sponsored by Ogle County Farm Bureau and its affiliates. Watches are awarded yearly to the two 4-H’ers with the most impressive records of long-term leadership and service at the club level and beyond.

Carson Conderman, Byron, received a $50 cash award sponsored by the Ogle County 4-H Foundation. The Foundation Award is presented annually to a single 4-H’er who has shown leadership skills and a willingness to help with 4-H activities and has served as a positive example to younger members.

Four youths were challenged to greater leadership and service as the “I Dare You” Leadership Award recipients.  New owners of William Danforth’s inspiring book, “I Dare You,” these youth were selected based on their previous leadership, citizenship, and project work.  Winners included: Alex Booker, By-Y-Badgers 4-H Club; Bruce Gehrke, By-Y-Badgers 4-H Club; and Alyse Rogers, Ogle Jolly 4-H Club.

Other special award winners included:

Outstanding Club President: Ali Danekas, Pine Creek Valley and Kaden Lingbeck, Leaf River Soaring Eagles

Outstanding Club Vice-President: Courtney Bushman, Pine Creek Valley and Lacie Williams, Leaf River Soaring Eagles.

Outstanding Club Secretaries:  Lauren Carlson, By-Y-Badgers and David Wehler, Leaf River Soaring Eagles.

Outstanding Club Treasurers: Mallory King, Mighty Clovers and Kaeden Motszko, Leaf River Soaring Eagles.

Outstanding Club Reporters: Grant Johnson, Leaf River Soaring Eagles and Haven Marks, Summerhill Huskies.

Outstanding Club Historians: Aubrey Kusnierz, Mighty Clovers and Kaden Lingbeck, Leaf River Soaring Eagles.

Ogle County Club Recreation Chairperson: Logan Burmeister, Pine Creek Valley and David Wehler, Leaf River Soaring Eagles.

Outstanding Club Junior Leaders: Ali Danekas, Pine Creek Valley.

Electricity Achievement Award: Preston Taylor, Hub Hickory Nuts.

Illinois Holstein-Friesian Association Award: Emily Harbaugh, Carefree.

Several awards were distributed to community clubs throughout the county for outstanding community service, educational programming, and promotional efforts. Additionally, one club’s leadership team was recognized for their outstanding efforts to work together to effectively meet the needs of and coordinate the work of their club.  Congratulations go to all the following club winners:

Window Display Promotion Award: 1st Place – Mighty Clovers 4-H Club (Monroe Center). 2nd Place – Summerhill Huskies 4-H Club (Forreston). 3rd Place – Ogle Jolly 4-H Club (Stillman Valley)

Ogle County 4-H Club-of-the-Year: 1st Place – Ogle Jolly 4-H Club (Stillman Valley). 2nd Place – Blackhawk Crossing 4-H Club (Oregon). 3rd Place – By-Y-Badgers 4-H Club (Byron)

Top Leader Team Award: Pine Creek Valley 4-H Club (Polo): Pat Bushman, Tanya Bushman, Kristine Grifin, and Julie Merdian.

Alumni Award: Bode Martin.

Hall of Fame: Gretchen Johnson.

4-H is an informal youth education program of University of Illinois Extension.  For more information or to get involved, call 815-732-2191 or visit us online at https://extension.illinois.edu/bdo. This is the best time of year to join!