After all the conspiracies and lies, he got what he deserved

I have never been a talk radio fan. Even when it was at the height of its popularity I stayed away.

The reason? It was all shouting, negativity and finger-pointing nonsense. It led to division and not societal solutions. It was all about making certain people or groups look bad. It was all about putting people down.

I know a lot of people loved that screaming radio, including friends of mine and even family members. Well, more power to them, but I don’t ever want that kind of negativity in my life.

To be clear, I am talking about talk radio of any political stripe – the left as well as the right have had radio “personalities” that have just belittled those who disagree with them.

No thanks.

But there was one who stood out as the top – or bottom – of the crazy heap. That is Alex Jones.  Jones had the typical raving and ranting thing, but he also swam in the deep end of the conspiracy world. And the Internet has given him a very wide reach into that world, a place where outright lies and invented schemes destroy lives and do harm to people. And he has made a lot of money doing all the damage he has done.

Jones is a man who sells “alternative facts.” Those are things most of us call lies.

I could list all the crazy, unhinged things he has pushed over the years, but it is honestly too sickening for me to delve into. Google it yourself if you want the specifics.

But one thing Jones is well known for is his claims of “trauma actors” at events like school shootings. He has said that the 26 people – including 20 children – slaughtered in the 2012 shootings in Newtown, Conn., did not exist. So, the parents of these children, who were mostly 6 and 7-year-olds, didn’t actually have children. They are all actors, and this is a way to get rid of guns.

Take a deep breath if you haven’t heard this before. Yes, it is insane that anyone could believe this, and especially spout the nonsense publicly.

I can only feel for these parents. Their young children were gunned down in school, and Jones is telling them their kids never existed and they are liars.

It makes me equal parts sad and angry. I can’t imagine the pain they felt of losing a child so young in such a violent way. And then for someone to take to the airwaves and say they are actors and not parents. Well, that is simply evil and cruel.

Turns out, it is also expensive.

The families of the victims sued Jones, and in 2021 a Connecticut court found him liable for defamation. And this month, a Texas jury recently found ordered Jones to pay the parents of a 6-year-old killed in the massacre millions of dollars.

(I could write a series of stories on the trial, and the judge forcing Jones to answer honestly, not spew his usual “alternative facts,” and his attorney basically showing the world that Jones lied in court).

And Jones also, finally, admitted that yes, these were real children, their parents are not actors and the shooting happened.

I say he knew it all along, of course. But reality is not a great thing for a person who makes his living off selling conspiracy theories to listeners who buy into them.

There could be more damages coming, but I don’t think they will financially ruin a man who is worth millions of dollars.

I do hope it gives pause to those who try to profit from the suffering of others, and to those who gobble up the lies spewed by charlatans like Jones. Jones is an opportunist, a school yard bully with a lot of followers who buy into the garbage he is pushing.

But bullies can be held accountable, as Jones found out. We need to hold them all accountable in this country.