Aireloom turning plastic into instruments

MOUNT MORRIS – Aireloom Music Studio has been awarded a grant from Ogle County Solid Waste Management Department.

There's so much in the news right now about recycling and plastics. Aireloom is actually doing something about it. It is in the process of building its own machines to shred, melt, extrude and compress the plastic to create a variety of musical instruments. Aireloom is calling it “Aireloom Precious Plastics.”

After the machines are completed (the end of August) they will begin designing and forging molds from recycled aluminum and steel to produce their musical instruments. It's a new concept to the world and with all their team working on this, they are confident they'll be doing great things. The four-member team is highly experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about this project.

Aireloom's motto will carry them far – “An instrument in every hand and music in every heart.”

Follow their progress and see what they're doing at, on Facebook and Instagram @AireloomMusicStudio.


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