Chana School Museum sign refreshed, repainted

The 19-year-old sign at the Chana School Museum was recently cleaned, refreshed and repainted by volunteer artist John Barnhart. 

This museum sign was originally hand-painted by Barnhart back in 2003 when the Chana School Museum was first restored and opened to the public. After years of exposure to the sun and storms the decorative lettering had become faded.

The Chana School Museum is located at 201 North River Road at Oregon Park East. This unique V-shaped, two room schoolhouse was built in 1883 and restored to its original splendor thanks to thousands of hours of volunteer labor. The museum is used by numerous area school groups for living history field trips and is the site for vintage baseball games hosted by the Oregon Ganymedes Base Ball Club during the summer months.

The Chana School Museum is operated and maintained by the all-volunteer Chana School Foundation, The historic building will be open for free tours on Saturday, Oct. 1 from 10  a.m. to 3 p.m. during this year’s Autumn on Parade Festival.


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