Exelon distributes emergency materials

BYRON – Exelon Generation has distributed informational emergency response brochures to all residents and businesses within 10 miles of its nuclear energy facilities, including Byron.
Exelon Generation operates the nation’s largest nuclear energy fleet, and its top priority is ensuring the health and safety of the communities surrounding its plants. Part of that commitment is making sure local residents are well-prepared and informed about what to do in the unlikely event of an incident at a nuclear facility.
The brochure provides important information about emergency preparedness, including reception center locations, evacuation routes, and a list of emergency alert broadcast stations. It also includes a special needs card to be completed and returned by residents who may have special transportation or other needs.
“One of Exelon’s core values is safety, and we do all that we can ensure the communities surrounding our plants are kept informed about safety procedures," said Dan Enright, senior vice president of Midwest operations for Exelon’s nuclear fleet. "Although we’ve never had an event that required residents to use these brochures, they’re important to have – just in case. People should keep them with other important documents to ensure that they’re available if needed. And the brochures are always available on our website at exeloncorp.com.”
Exelon’s nuclear energy facilities have multiple physical barriers and layers of backup safety systems to ensure safe operations, even in extreme conditions, such as floods, tornadoes and earthquakes. The company also has dedicated teams of emergency planning experts at each of its nuclear facilities who work with state, county and local emergency management officials to develop, maintain, train personnel and test emergency response plans.
Federal law requires companies to develop emergency response plans for their nuclear energy facilities and to ensure evacuation plans are in place. State and county agencies often use the plans for non-nuclear related emergencies such as extreme weather events or fires.
Exelon Generation mailed brochures to all residents who live within 10 miles of the plants, and also makes them available online at www.exeloncorp.com.

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