First Friday music coming to fair

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OREGON – Once again the First Friday, Aug. 4, will see the musicians of the year-round First Fridays Music Show at the Lions Pavilion in a feature performance at the Ogle County Fair.
First Fridays musicians sign-up begins at 6 p.m. and the Fair Association can’t be held responsible if the musicians can’t wait until the 7 p.m. starting time. A jam session might break out.
Musicians from 100 mile radius are expected and long distance travelers do appear. The 2017 Long Distance Award is from Ireland and the all-time record goes to Australia.
First Fridays will wrap up the week night shows following John Lindhorst and his unique Ukulele Symphony on Thursday evening
First Fridays will follow their all-acoustic tradition with the Ogle County Fair’s professional audio services provided by 3-D Sound Company.  
The Ogle County Fairgrounds is located west of Oregon just off IL Rte. 64 on Lime Kiln Road.  Bring a friend and enjoy some great music.

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