KIND PT & Wellness celebrates 1-year anniversary in Rockford region

KIND PT & Wellness, a concierge mobile physical therapy and wellness company in Rockford, recently announced it is celebrating its one-year anniversary. The business is owned and was founded by Ogle County native Dr. Cassie Alderks. (Photo by Mindy Joy Photography)

Monroe Center native looks to increase physical therapy access

ROCKFORD — KIND PT & Wellness, a concierge mobile physical therapy and wellness company in Rockford, is thrilled to announce it is celebrating its one-year anniversary. Based in Rockford, KIND PT & Wellness serves patients all throughout the region from Rockford to Loves Park, Janesville to Byron, Pecatonica to Belvidere and beyond. Additionally, KIND PT & Wellness provides PT services near Naples, Florida.

Owner and Founder Dr. Cassie Alderks, PT, DPT, CIDN, opened KIND PT & Wellness on June 1, 2022 as an outlet to escape the current healthcare model on how people access PT. Cassie brings the clinic to the client, offering herself as an “on-call” therapist. She travels to her patients and has a space where patients can come to her. KIND PT & Wellness is also cash based which is a growing concept within the healthcare community. Instead of waiting for physician’s orders, being limited to a set amount of PT visits by insurance, KIND can provide next-day service, bypassing lengthy wait times and eliminating the hassle of a referral system.

KIND PT & Wellness provides the following services: New patient consults, physical therapy (PT) visits and packages, wellness sessions, exercise programming, golf screening evaluations and ergonomic evaluations

“I always knew I wanted to open my own practice and provide a different type of PT service to the Rockford community,” Alderks said. “When I worked as a PT in a clinic, I disliked the traditional process of having to wait for a doctor’s visit after getting injured, then insurance, schedule an appointment, wait some more, and then insurance restricts follow-up visits. I wanted to create a practice where we have a proactive mindset, where we can focus one-on-one with the patient and where we can meet with that patient week after week if need be. KIND PT & Wellness is a new way of doing PT in the Rockford region.”

Born and raised in Monroe Center, Alderks is no stranger to the Rockford region. She graduated from Stillman Valley High School and received her undergrad and PT degree from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Alderks played volleyball and basketball and played for the Rockford Wildcats. While playing sports, Cassie suffered from back pain. She went to PT where she saw the value of people getting their life back without experiencing pain during it.

Alderks is proud to be celebrating one year and in the near future will be growing KIND PT & Wellness to bring on more providers and services with an expanded brick and mortar space. To learn more about KIND PT & Wellness, visit