'Local legends' Serve as Principal for a Day

STILLMAN VALLEY – On Sept. 16, Russ Crull joined Jen Speakes at Meridian Junior High as the principal for a day.

This year the district is recognizing local legends within the community and school district and welcoming them into the building to experience our schooldays firsthand.  

“During my time as principal for a day, I was able to view a number of different classrooms and activities, talk to the administration and teachers, and view a normal school day at Meridian Junior High,” Crull said when asked about his experience. “It was a great time and the first time I had stepped foot in a principal’s office since the early 2000’s. I am very thankful Mrs. Speakes invited me to be principal for a day.”

What makes Meridian a great district to be a part of?

 “The students and staff were the highlight of my time as principal for a day,” he said. "Everyone I met was warm and welcoming, answered my questions about their classrooms or roles, and otherwise made the experience enjoyable. Aside from the school itself, the Meridian District always seems to have the full support of their communities.”

 “I am not a former student of Meridian, but, as a lifelong resident of Ogle County, have many friends and colleagues who either graduated from Meridian or whose kids go here currently,”Crull said. “The school district is known for their tremendous staff, high quality education, and extracurricular activities. I look forward to continuing to support Meridian district and believe the school is in great shape.”

Crull is a partner and attorney at Tess, Crull & Arnquist, LLC in Rochelle where he has been a practicing attorney since 2014.

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