Local photographers to participate in Rockford’s ArtScene

ROCKFORD – Dr. Art Breck and Leif Lindgren of Byron have been selected to display their photography at Rockford’s ArtScene on April 13-14.

They are joined by Rockford photographer Chris Mann. Their work will be on display at Pranayama Yoga Studio, 517 E. State St. (upper level) from 5-10 p.m. on the 13 and 4-10 p.m. on the 14.

Breck will show photographs from his travels in Egypt, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Chile. Mann is well-known throughout the area for his nature and bird photography. Lindgren brings a unique and fascinating photographic style to the show – water drop collision photography. Light refreshments will be available.

After visiting our local artists, join the hundreds of folks who will be strolling around downtown Rockford to visit the other 13 venues located within six blocks. Enjoy dinner at one of the locally-owned restaurants along the route.



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