Mongan sentenced to 30 months probation

OREGON — Marc Mongan will not spend any time in prison, following his sentencing June 19 for felony reckless conduct in a fatal boating collision two years ago that resulted in the death of 31-year-old Megan Wells, of Rockford.

Mongan, 48, of Oregon, pleaded guilty to the charge in April and was sentenced to 30 months of probation in Ogle County Court by Judge John Redington.

In addition, Mongan is not allowed to possess firearms or dangerous weapons or leave the state. He is not allowed to consume alcohol or take any controlled substances unless prescribed, and must submit to testing and attend counseling. He is not allowed to operate a motorized vehicle and must perform 300 hours of community service. He was also fined a total of $11,908 to go to Megan’s family and be paid by November of this year.

Prior to the sentencing, several of Wells’ family members addressed the court and urged for a stiff sentence.

“We have lost so much when we lost Megan. Each and every day has become a struggle to stay above the depression and grief,” said Wells’ father, David Swaziek, while fighting back tears and looking at Mongan. “As parents, we should have had the joy to give our daughter away to a great man one day. You took from Megan her entire future… There are no words that will ever bring Megan back.”

Defense attorneys Dave Tess and Russ Crull, of Rochelle, called Ed Fane to testify for Mongan. Fane said he has known Mongan for several years as a conservative boater, and said he did not believe the collision was a careless act, but rather a tragic accident.

In the defense’s final statement, Tess shared several statements of people who know Mongan and attested to his character. He then asked the court for a sentence of probation, counseling and public service but not imprisonment.

In a closing statement, special prosecutor Dave Neal said that a prison sentence would be appropriate, and that terms of probation should prohibit Mongan from operating a watercraft, drinking alcohol or entering any establishment that serves alcohol.

Mongan then took the stand himself and apologized to the family and court.

“I’m sorry for what I have put you through,” he said, tearfully. “The guilt and anxiety associated with this has been overwhelming. I am sorry and hurt over the loss of Megan, and that an activity I enjoyed has brought a terrible accident. I am sorry.”

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