New Horizon’s Drug Court announces graduate

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OREGON – The New Horizon’s Ogle County Adult Drug Court announces the recent graduation of Thomas D. Leigh of Oregon. 

Tom successfully completed all five required phases of Drug Court. 

In Tom’s words: “Drug Court has helped me in many ways. It has made me a more responsible person. Allowed me to take a look at the person I was and truly change who that person was. This remains an on- going process and yes I still have flaws, but Drug Court has given me a chance to prove that I can be a better person and one that does contribute to a functioning society.”

New Horizon’s Drug Court is a problem-solving court that provides comprehensive, increased supervision to substance dependent non-violent adult offenders, providing an opportunity to address their substance abuse and its impact on criminal behavior. Drug Court requires a minimum commitment of 14 months and can be extended if necessary. A total of five phases must be completed prior to successfully graduating from Drug Court. 

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