Oregon Park District offers geocaching

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OREGON – Looking for a unique and fun way to spend time outdoors at our parks? The Oregon Park District has the perfect activity for you.
Whether you are alone or with friends or family, this is guaranteed to be fun for all ages. Geocaching (geo-cashing) is an environmentally friendly outdoor recreational activity. This outdoor treasure hunting game involves searching for hidden objects using clues and GPS (global positioning system) coordinates. There are nine geocaches strategically placed within the Oregon Park District’s parks.  
Enjoy learning and taking in the beauty of these destinations while on your real life treasure hunt for geocaches. You will need a www.geocaching.com membership, a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone so you can navigate to a cache, a pen or pencil to sign the cache log.
To start your adventure, retrieve a free Oregon Park District Geocaching log book and guide online or at Nash Recreation Center today.

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