President should worry less about ratings

The most recent poll shows President Trump’s approval rating of 36 percent is the lowest of any president since Harry Truman.
Now, I don't think anyone should put too much stock in polls. They can change on a dime. Most, like our last two presidents, shrug at poll numbers and just keep working hard. But boy, our current president is not taking it well.
Trump lit up Twitter, calling it “fake news” and generally blasted his favorite targets – Democrats and the press.
But since our president appears to be so sensitive to anything negative about himself, I want to make him feel better by showing that he is not alone. In fact, he has plenty of company in the not popular camp. Here is what a quick Internet search found:
* According to Consumer Reports, the lowest rated sub-compact car in the country is the Mitsubishi Mirage. It is a loser!
* We all know Trump's hotels are the greatest, biggest, best hotels in the world. But TripAdvisor has a list of hotels that are very low rated. Topping the list is the Town House Motel in Tupelo, Miss. Sure, it is close to the birthplace of Elvis, but it has some problems. According to one guest, there was a puddle of blood in front of their door. Yikes.
* When it comes to food, there are plenty of bad restaurants. But Chowhound says the worst chain restaurant in America is Applebee's. Personally, I like Applebee's, but I don’t think the president is dining there too often, so that may not help.
* We know the president loves to watch TV (and tweet about it), but I would guess he is a bit of a movie buff as well. If he is feeling low about his approval numbers he can watch “Code Name: K.O.Z.,” the 2015 movie that has the lowest rating on IMDB. The plot revolves around a corruption scandal in Turkey. Sounds super exciting, doesn't it?
* One way to forget about low approval ratings is to poke fun at things that are even less popular. The president could, for instance, tweet about the worst songs of all time. According to The Top Tens, “Baby” by Justin Bieber tops that list. Better still, he's Canadian, so Trump can add a dig at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just for giggles. For the record, CNN said the worst song of all time is “(You're) Having my Baby,” by Paul Anka. Maybe it's the word “baby” that is the problem.
* And while having nearly historically low approval rating is bad, at least the president doesn't live in Arkansas. According to CNBC, Arkansas is the worst state to live in for quality of life. It has bad air quality, poor health statistics and a high violent crime rate. Plus, Bill Clinton is from there, so how great could it be?
* Finally, the president can just sit back and ignore the bad news while enjoying an alcoholic beverage. I'm sure Trump is not a beer man (he probably drinks champaign out of solid gold glasses), but just in case he should stay away from Natural Light. According to 24/7 Wall St., it is the worst beer in America.
So don't be down in the dumps, Mr. President. Polls and ratings really don’t mean that much. You proved that on Election Day, so don’t take it so hard.