Rain hasn't hurt area crops

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OREGON – Farmers always love to see a little rain.
But too much rain can be a bad thing. And this has been a summer with a lot of rain in Illinois and Ogle County. In July alone, most areas of the county received more than 12 inches of rain. That is about a third of the annual average.
But all of that rain has not really hurt area crops, said Ron Kern, manager of the Ogle County Farm Bureau. And it is clear when driving around the county that most crops look strong, with corn at more than five feet in many fields.
Kern sat down to answer some questions about the growing season so far this year.

Question: is the season going for area farmers? What have you heard?
Answer: After a wet spring and late start things were looking a little dicey for awhile. But in the last month the crops are looking surprisingly good. Early corn looks exceptional and the later planted corn is starting to catch up. Beans are canopied and look very good.

Q: Has all of the rain damaged crops in Ogle County?
A: I haven’t heard of any widespread crop damage from the rain. I’m sure there were some low lying fields or fields near streams that had some water damage, but nothing that I’ve heard to a great extent.
Q: How much rain is too much? I suppose we need a certain amount. What is optimal?
A: Looking forward if we could catch an inch or two a week through August it would most likely fit the bill.
Q: What seems to be the best crop this year? What is doing well?
A: Hard to really tell what final yields will be, we have a long way to go, but I’d say the early planted corn is looking very good.
Q: Do you have any information on crops in the rest of the state? Is this a good growing season for Illinois farmers?
A: southern Illinois they were flooded early and not sure how they have rebounded, Central Illinois was getting very dry until a few rains in the last week or so. I’d say we are setting as good as anyone.

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