Seems anything can become a TV show

When I work during the day, I have the television on in the background. It is easy to ignore and doesn’t distract me like music can.

But every now and then something will catch my ear. Either on a show or, more usually, a commercial.

I was working away one morning last week when a commercial pumping a free preview of a TV channel caught my attention. It was for a fishing channel. Yes, a fishing channel.

Just to say right off the top here, I have nothing against fishing. My dad used to take me fishing plenty when I was a kid. My family spent every summer in the Ozarks in Arkansas visiting relatives and fishing was something we did almost daily. We caught a lot of perch, the occasional snapping turtle and a lot of chigger bites.

We also fished the Colorado River in my hometown, catching large catfish.

So yes, I have fished. Honestly, it has been decades since I fished and never really fished with my kids because there are plenty of other things I prefer doing to fishing. But I get that many people, including friends of mine, love to fish.

But for the life of me, I can’t imagine a channel dedicated to fishing. I can watch a few “how to” YouTube videos if I want tips. Do I need a channel dedicated to people fishing? Anyone who has gone fishing knows that it is pretty much waiting. Sitting on a boat, on the shore, in waders – waiting.

That doesn’t seem like a strong pitch for a TV channel. But one exists – I saw the commercial plugging it.

It made me think of other things that could be made into channels that are equally exciting. And by exciting, I mean not exciting at all.

With most people these days using streaming services for television, the number of “channels” is pretty much endless. There could be a channel to fit almost any niche.

A channel that is all about buying the perfect furniture? Sure. A channel dedicated to watching people play chess? Why not? A channel that focuses on people doing yard work? That could be a big hit.

These days we seem to prefer to watch people doing things. Seriously. There are people who stream themselves playing video games and get millions of views. I am not kidding. People will watch another person, sometimes on another continent, play a video game.

Look at the number of reality shows that follow vapid people basically doing things that pretty much annoy much of the population. These people are getting rich by being obnoxious.

Yes, television is all about entertainment. I get that. The things that I don’t get is why do we find these things entertaining? Watching other regular people doing things used to be called “going outside and living your life.”

Now we pay for the privilege of watching people fish and play games. That just doesn’t seem right to me.

But if people want it, who am I to complain? Times change and the ways people are entertained change as well. I still love to read books, so what do I know?

Maybe I’ll start a channel where people can tune in and watch me read books. That sounds like the most boring show in history.

I’ll be it would be a huge hit.