Students throw some kindness

BYRON – Mary Morgan Elementary School, one of three schools in Byron, has started an event called, “Throw kindness like confetti!”

The idea behind this event, is to encourage the students of Mary Morgan Elementary School to find people within the building who are being kind. When someone is caught performing an act of thoughtfulness, a student can fill out a card to recognize the act, and then give the card to the person who showed the kindness. This card can then be taken home, or posted on the “Kind Acts” bulletin board.

In order to get the message of the event to the students of Mary Morgan, 20 fifth graders were appointed as “Kindness Ambassadors.” The Kindness Ambassadors went to each classrooms in the building, in order to make the event a school-wide campaign. Another part of their job is to hang all of the filled out Kindness cards on the Kind Acts board. The ambassadors take time from their recess do this.

Since the Kindness Campaign started in early February, the Kind Acts board is overflowing with cards. The students of Mary Morgan have proven that acts of kindness should always be rewarded.

Imagine the world without kindness! The motto of the campaign is to: Be kind, and throw kindness like confetti! Kindness forms friendships, and helps everyone involved. The person spreading kindness feels just as good as the person who receives it. The event the students are participating in at Mary Morgan Elementary School is one-step closer to a better world. Always choose kind!


– Ella Krupp and Maggie Miller, Fifth Graders at MMES

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