Wells named September 2023 Student of the Month at Polo Community High School

Elleanna Wells was recently named the September Student of the Month at Polo Community High School and received a scholarship from the Polo Schools Foundation for her efforts.

Polo senior participates in Spanish Club and Student Council

POLO — Elleanna Wells was recently named the September Student of the Month at Polo Community High School and received a scholarship from the Polo Schools Foundation for her efforts.

Wells’ extracurricular activities include Spanish Club and Student Council. After high school, she hopes to attend a university and major in the medical field.

Upon winning the award, Wells filled out a list of questions about her school experience.

What do you do in your free time?

I don’t usually have a lot of free time between sports, school and work, but when I do have free time I love to drive around with my friends. Either going to get something to eat or going to an event.

If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?

Definitely somewhere in Europe like Sweden or Denmark.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Living in Florida for the summer with my parents and brother and hanging out at the beach every day.

What class do you find really engaging and why?

One class that I am extremely engaged and excited about is Environmental Health taught by Gina Cole. It is extremely interesting talking about the different aspects of life and being able to talk to my entire class about my personal experiences and listening to theirs, all while Mrs. Cole shares her life experiences as well. Going around the entire school and putting positive personalized messages on sticky notes and then putting them on people’s locker was my favorite project that we did so far. Being able to talk about topics that aren’t really spoken about in school is really interesting and the class is such a blast.

What plans do you have after high school?

My dream is to get my PhD and become an OB/GYN. I have been looking into The University of Illinois, Illinois State University, and specifically The University of Iowa. I have visited Iowa many times due to my brother attending college there, but they also have an amazing medical program. I am hoping, in the summer before we all go to college, that my friends and I can go on a huge road trip around the country.

Two favorite extracurricular activities?

My two favorites are Spanish Club and Student Council. Spanish Club is run by our Spanish 4 class with the assistance of our Spanish teacher Alicia Garrett. Our famous trip to Chicago is my favorite because I get to wander around the big city with my friends. We also have scary movie nights and Christmas parties for the whole club. I would say that I am the most involved in Student Council because it is my favorite. Being involved with our entire student body fills me with achievement. My favorite event that we planned was our Field Day last year, because due to COVID-19 we were never able to have one. Being able to help plan events and to be able to do that for the entire school year always keeps me active.

School moment that was memorable?

I have so many memories, but my favorite is solving the murder mystery in Forensics and accusing all of the teachers or putting a toilet we found on the side of the road in Mr. Horst’s door step during Homecoming week.

Hopes for the future?

I hope that I get into my dream school and achieve all the goals I am striving for. I hope that my senior year continues to be a blast before we all leave each other, but I hope that everyone goes out into the real world outside of small town Polo and have the best times of their lives. I hope that I stay in contact with my closest friends and I get to grow old with them, happy and healthy.