This was one spicy party

I love spicy food. When I am eating food that should have some kick, like Mexican food or hot wings, I want it spicy to the point that I almost can’t eat it … but I can’t stop either.... more


No, I won't take life advice from celebrities

Celebrities are human beings. That is something we all know, right? They might present themselves at times as something above human, or superhuman, but they are just human beings. They snore and burp and fall and make stupid mistakes just like all of us do.... more


We are a country full of people who love to criticize

There are people who love to criticize. We see it daily – at school, at work, at home. When you are young, especially, the criticizers can have a very deep impact on self-esteem. But even as an adult, criticism can sting.... more


Let's leave research to real researchers

I am going to say here, on the record, that I have never done any research. None. Zero. Zilch.... more


So much for the endless summer

As a guy who dreams of endless summers, the trees in my yard are always there to remind me that my never-ending summer is just a dream. There is one tree in particular with leaves that turn yellow and fall fairly early each year – well, early for me.... more


Remembering the best job ever

My wife and I love to stream a good drama every now and then. It is great to get mindlessly lost in a show. We have recently been watching a show where the main character drives a 1960s Ford Mustang. I am not positive on the exact year, but it might be a 1967, my favorite.... more


Nuke decision never should have taken this long

As I write this, we are less than a week away from the Byron Station closing its doors for good. And I have no idea if it is going to stay open or not. That is not a good thing.... more


We are society of rules for a reason

We are a society of rules. We have rules for everything. We have rules for traffic. We have rules for going to school. Sports have rules. Board games have rules. Businesses have rules for employees.... more


A rare moment in a world gone mad

I sat on my motorcycle on that very hot day watching bike after bike after bike pull out onto the road. I was in Indianapolis, Ind., with friends for a charity ride recently. More than a thousand motorcycles and probably 2,000 people or so had shown up for the annual ride, which benefitted a local children’s hospital. Over the years, the ride had raised millions for the hospital, which does not charge families for the care.... more


Can't believe it has been 40 years

I realized last week that 40 years ago, I started Air Force basic training in San Antonio, Texas. Forty years. Wow. Now, many things that happened 40 years ago I can’t remember at all. I can’t even tell you what I had for dinner last Thursday. But I can still close my eyes and see the young faces of a group of guys I was only around for a couple of months when I was a teenager.... more


We are living in a disaster movie

I love a good disaster movie, and always have. I remember my mom taking me to see the movie “Earthquake” when it came out in 1974. I was 11 at the time, and a huge fan of the movie’s star, Charlton Heston. The best part, however, is that the movie was shown in something called Sensurround, which made it feel and sound like the moviegoer was in an actual earthquake.... more


Use facts, not attacks in letters

People love to complain. We know this is true, right? We see it in our daily lives, we read about it and if we are on social media it is in our faces pretty much 24/7.... more


'Live PD' shows the best, and the worst

I love the TV show “Cops.” It is an adrenaline rush of a show, and one that highlights some of the best police officers and some of the dumbest criminals on the planet.... more