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  • Electric vehicles are the future – like it or not

    I remember when electric vehicles would draw quite a few chuckles. “Hey, nice golf cart!” The first attempts at electric vehicles were maybe not great, but they were important. Remember the first time you saw a Toyota Prius? Man, that was one ugly car. Who would possibly buy that thing?

  • Yes, winter is coming

    I am a morning person. I know, I know. We can be a particularly annoying breed to people who are certainly not morning people. My wife for example? Not a morning person.

  • Local elected officials deserve credit for just showing up

    There are a lot of terrible jobs in this world. Cleaning out septic tanks. Stooped over for hours picking vegetables in fields. Cleaning the bathrooms after a rock concert. Doing the laundry for Sumo wrestlers.

  • Some drivers don't know when it's time to stop

    I have a real window on the world here where I sit on Washington Street in Oregon. I can watch people walking by or pulling up in their cars to shop in downtown Oregon or stop by for a quick coffee.

  • Not all men are outdoorsmen

    We all can picture an outdoorsman when we see the word. He is a rugged, bearded guy wearing flannel and has hands so callused that they can’t be penetrated with a broad sword.

  • Too many options!

    It is really all just too much. Hundreds – no, thousands – of choices make it hard to relax during a time meant for relaxation.

  • Nothing quite like the fair

    It is just about time for the fair – that magical time of the year when we get to smell a mixture of manure, popcorn and whatever it was that kid barfed up after riding the Tilt-A-Whirl.

  • Don't forget about the other bikes

    Ogle County is a beautiful place. On that I’m sure we can all agree. It made sense to me when Oregon began pushing the idea of the city, and the county, becoming a go-to destination for bicycle enthusiasts. It is clearly a great place to get out and ride.

  • Don't let me catch you complaining about the warm weather

    Oh, the whining. It really reached a fever pitch in recent weeks as the weather has turned warm. And to that, I only have this to say: Welcome to summer, people!

  • We need serious reflection this July 4th

    The Fourth of July. It’s a time people celebrate our country. There are cookouts, parities and fireworks displays across the nation. There is plenty of flag flying and plenty of speeches about how much people love America. There are red, white and blue hats, blankets, clothes – you name it.

  • Looks like I have to blame Canada

    Well, I guess I don’t like Canada anymore. It’s OK, because I have just been looking for an excuse to not like our neighbors to the north. They are all so nice, and happy and smug. They even speak French in parts of the country – French! I have half a mind to ship a truck load of Freedom Fries up to those people.

  • Roseanne firing not a free speech issue

    If there is one thing that Roseanne Barr is good at, it is stirring up controversy. Who can forget her rousing rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1990? It was off-key shouting at its best. And she even ended the whole mess by grabbing herself and spitting on the ground.

  • You might be macho, but you are burning that steak

    In an ever-changing world, there is a place macho men can still be men. You can dribble beer on your chins, bark at the neighbor over the fence and curse through the billowing smoke.

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Park District offers Spa Day

OREGON – Come join the Oregon Park District for our 9th annual Spa Day on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Enjoy a Water Aerobics or Twinges workout and Spa Day that includes refreshments, prizes from local business, and an optional chair massage.

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Swim lessons being offered

OREGON – Learn to swim this Summer at the Oregon Park District. Morning and evening classes are available. Summer swim lessons begin on June 4.

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