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  • You might be macho, but you are burning that steak

    In an ever-changing world, there is a place macho men can still be men. You can dribble beer on your chins, bark at the neighbor over the fence and curse through the billowing smoke.

  • Popular names aren't what they used to be

    I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids, so there were a lot of boys my age to pal around with. We played football, baseball, rode our bikes, swam and fought a lot. We tested the waters by cursing around each other and talking about girls.

  • John McCain will be missed when he is gone

    Life is about to come to an end for a man I have long admired.

  • Might be too late to learn that new language

    If you have always wanted to learn how to speak German, or Italian, or Spanish or even Klingon, it is probably already too late for you. According to a new study, it seems that the optimal age for learning a new language and speaking it like it is your native tongue is before the age of 10.

  • I think I am becoming a hoarder

    Have you ever watched the TV show “Hoarders?” It’s about exactly that – people who hoard things.

  • A motorcycle trip to remember

    I was one of those people who would pass motorcycles on the highway during a rain storm and think, “those people are nuts.”

  • Teachers deserve the best we can give them

    It’s about time. I see that school teachers in many parts of the country – including my home state of Arizona – are starting to say enough is enough.

  • We need to do something about all of this plastic

    Humans are good at quite a few things. We are good at problem solving, which is why we find ourselves as the unrivaled rulers here on the planet. We have mastered the most basic tasks, like creating fire, and the most complex tasks, like splitting the atom.

  • Certain words should not be political weapons

    I am taking back a word. It is a word I grew up understanding. It is a word that is very American. It is a word that many of us have used to describe ourselves.

  • Balding? No, that's strategic thinning

    I knew this day would come, and I have been dreading it. How long have I been dreading it? For more than 40 years, that’s how long.

  • No longer seeing life through my tunnel vision

    The pilot warned me that I might get tunnel vision. I was in the backseat of an FA-18 Hornet fighter jet being flown by a U.S. Navy Blue Angels pilot and we were going straight up into a blue sky – and gaining speed.

  • Paying the price for trying to be cool

    Everyone has a “thing.” For some it is being mechanical. For others it is science, or art or sports. For me, that thing is music – specifically playing the guitar.

  • Political ad is worst of the worst

    Well, the Super Bowl is over for another year, and the much-hated New England Patriots and their quarterback/male model/possible robot Tom Brady were denied ring No. 6.

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Swim lessons being offered

OREGON – Learn to swim this Summer at the Oregon Park District. Morning and evening classes are available. Summer swim lessons begin on June 4.

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Park District offers kayak club

OREGON – The Oregon Park District and White Pelican have teamed up to offer a new program for all ages. The Early Bird Kayak Club will meet on June 9 from 7-9 a.m. Get up-close views of pelicans, herons, cave swallows, and eagles on an early-morning kayak trip from the Oregon dam to Castle Rock State Park on the beautiful Rock River.

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Open mic nights set in Mount Morris

MOUNT MORRIS – An exciting new musical concept, launched last month, is taking place at the Mount Morris Moose Family Center, 485 E Hitt St., will on the third Friday of each month.

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