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  • Throwing out my back can only mean one thing...

    I have never had back problems. Sure, it can get sore from time to time after exercise or moving large objects. But nothing out of the ordinary. That changed one recent morning when I tweaked my back putting on my socks.

  • We need election reform badly in this country

    I had to start taking a wheelbarrow to the mailbox. It’s not that I get a ton of mail usually. It’s just that the election propaganda was at a volume I have never seen – especially for a mid-term election.

  • Just a few random thoughts

    Well, Halloween is over and I am not happy about it. I love Halloween and all the horror movies and ghosts and ghouls that come with it. So, this is always a sad time of year for me.

  • The answer is always just a click away

    Most people are walking around with the accumulated knowledge of all of human history in their hand. It’s there, on your phone. Pull it out and get on the Internet. Google something, anything – How old is the Earth? Answer: 4.543 billion years. How did Socrates die? Poisoning. How long have humans been on the planet? Our ancestors for about 6 million years. Modern humans evolved about 200,000 years ago. What is the national debt? More than $21 trillion.

  • You can learn something from a bad boss too

    It was Boss’s Day last week. A day when we can play nice with the people who judge us daily and can make our lives great, or not so great all at. This annual greeting card event should make us all reflect on those who have managed us – both good and bad. Ever had a bad boss? I’m sure you have. We have all had a bad boss… or six.

  • Be an adult and vote in November

    I remember the first time I shaved. It was a real rite of passage for me, although it didn’t happen until I was on the doorstep of turning 18. Of course, there were many things that we couldn’t wait to do when we were younger. Driving was a big one – probably the biggest. The freedom you got from getting your license was huge.

  • In appreciation of firefighters

    Putting together the Fire Prevention Week pages this week brought up some strong memories from my childhood. As I have mentioned, my parents were both educators. But my dad was also a volunteer firefighter, which I thought was very cool. He would spend a lot of weekends hanging around the “station.”

  • Video gaming can be serious – too serious at times

    Here’s a little bit of information for you: The best professional video gamers can make $15,000 a month. You read that right. I said $15,000 a month for playing video games. Kind of makes you wish you hadn’t wasted all that time in college or trade school, am I right?

  • Harry Potter World was totally magical

    The air was filled with swishing wands as junior wizards wearing cloaks tried their hand at making it rain, or lighting candles with only their magic. Well, that and the help of an electronic device (the wand) that when moved in proper sequence would make things happen – like real magic.

  • Electric vehicles are the future – like it or not

    I remember when electric vehicles would draw quite a few chuckles. “Hey, nice golf cart!” The first attempts at electric vehicles were maybe not great, but they were important. Remember the first time you saw a Toyota Prius? Man, that was one ugly car. Who would possibly buy that thing?

  • Yes, winter is coming

    I am a morning person. I know, I know. We can be a particularly annoying breed to people who are certainly not morning people. My wife for example? Not a morning person.

  • Local elected officials deserve credit for just showing up

    There are a lot of terrible jobs in this world. Cleaning out septic tanks. Stooped over for hours picking vegetables in fields. Cleaning the bathrooms after a rock concert. Doing the laundry for Sumo wrestlers.

  • Some drivers don't know when it's time to stop

    I have a real window on the world here where I sit on Washington Street in Oregon. I can watch people walking by or pulling up in their cars to shop in downtown Oregon or stop by for a quick coffee.

  • Too many options!

    It is really all just too much. Hundreds – no, thousands – of choices make it hard to relax during a time meant for relaxation.

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Oregon School District teacher receives national board certification

OREGON – Danyel Larsen, a math teacher at Oregon High School was one of a select group of teachers across the United States to receive a renewal certification as a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT).

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Byron Civic Band to make debut

BYRON – When Ron Kroeger moved to Byron last year, the first thing he looked for was a community band to join. A saxophone player, Kroeger started asking around and did not like the answer he heard.

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Police Reports

Mount Morris man charged with Class X Felony

OREGON — On the early morning hours of Oct. 30, detectives with the Dixon Police Department and the Ogle County Sheriff's Office responded to a Rockford hospital where a five-month-old was being treated for suspected abuse.

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Meridian Board honored as one of state's best

STILLMAN VALLEY – Meridian’s Board of Education is one of 24 districts in the state of Illinois to receive the Illinois School Board Governance Recognition.

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Fall theater program set in Oregon

OREGON – The Oregon Park District and the Oregon Elementary School pair up each Fall to offer a theatre program for students in grade 3-6.

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Eagle’s Nest Art Group tours Loveland Collection

The Loveland Community House of Dixon recently hosted a tour of its art collection for the members of the Eagle’s Nest Art Group.

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Byron Bank welcomes Scholl

BYRON – Byron Bank is pleased to announce that Steven Scholl, CFP®, has joined Byron Financial Services as a Financial Adviser. Scholl served four years in the Marine Corps after high school and then graduated from NIU with a degree in Finance.

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Swim lessons being offered

OREGON – Learn to swim this Summer at the Oregon Park District. Morning and evening classes are available. Summer swim lessons begin on June 4.

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