Grand opening held Friday, June 7 for Luna in Rochelle

‘I want to thank the community because without it, we wouldn't be here’ 


ROCHELLE — On Friday, a grand opening event was held for Luna at 531 S. 7th St. in Rochelle. The event included a ribbon cutting, appetizers & drinks, and live music. 

Luna, formerly named Salt 251, recently underwent a rebranding and renovations including two new patios with gas fireplaces, gazebos, sitting furniture and outside bars. The front of the business has seen changes including landscaping and the addition of retaining walls. The interior of the bar and dining area and ballroom have been renovated as well. 

Friday's event featured speeches by Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tricia Herrera, City Manager Jeff Fiegenschuh, State Rep. Bradley Fritts, Luna Owner Jim Withers and Luna General Manager Maria Hueramo.

“On behalf of the chamber, we'd like to welcome Luna,” Herrera said. “We've been fortunate to see this process since the beginning. Jim was very straight up about his vision and what he wanted to do and where he wanted to take this place. We've watched it progress every step of the way and it's beautiful. It's amazing inside and out and we hear compliments all the time. We're very excited to celebrate many events here with you. This is the vision you told us about when you purchased this location. We're happy to have a quality place for food, service and a beautiful venue.”

Fiegenschuh spoke about meeting with Withers after he purchased Salt 251. A development agreement was worked out with the city for improvements. 

“If you look at this facility, it's a thousand times better than it was a year and a half ago,” Fiegenschuh said. “I have a lot of admiration and respect for the commitment that's been put into this and the reinvestment back into Rochelle. Thank you for investing in Rochelle. You and your staff are a great part of our community and we love having you here.”

During his speech, Fritts said that the bar, restaurant and ballroom facility located on Fairways Golf Course has served as a pillar for events in the community for years.

“It's so great to be a part of this today with the rebranding and face lift that have taken place,” Fritts said. “I thank you for choosing Rochelle and keeping the investment going within the community here. You've always been great to me with hosting events here and you've been great to a variety of people and I think that's a testament to everyone who's here today to congratulate you and your team on a well-deserved reopening. I wish you the best of success and I look forward to continuing to come to events here.”

Hueramo gave those in attendance insight into the Luna name. She said it’s based on coming out of the darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic and serving as a light for patrons and those who attend events there.

Withers thanked the community, city, chamber, the Rochelle Rotary Club and his staff.

“Without our staff and the people we have and the hard work and dedication they put into everything, we wouldn't be here today,” Withers said. “We've seen a lot of compliments on the changes and we thrive on that. We want to make it a place that's welcoming for everyone in the community. And we're trying to bring the surrounding area into Rochelle. We've put a lot of hard work into this for the community.”