Letter: Support for Dan Janes


(Paid letter)

Dear editor,

I am writing in support of Dan Janes' candidacy for Ogle County Board Member from District 5 in the upcoming March 19 Republican Primary Election district. I believe Dan is an exceptional candidate for this position because of his experience, leadership and dedication to serving his community.

I've known Dan for 14 years and have seen first-hand his determination to serve his constituents in multiple ways -- as a county board member, a vital member of the Ogle County Republican Party, and as a member of Stillman Valley Lions. Dan researches issues, talks to community members and does what many don't: he listens to the concerns and opinions of those involved. And when the decision is needed or it is time to act, Dan is not afraid to move forward.

Dan is very conscientious about his duties as well. He is very prepared at board meetings, knowledgeable about the issues, and willing to go the extra mile. When the Ogle County GOP needs someone to emcee a meeting or auctioneer a fundraising event, they usually look to Dan. He readily takes on the responsibility and does an excellent job.

Dan has served Ogle County diligently and honorably in the past. I hope you will join with me in supporting him in the upcoming primary election on March 19 for Dan Janes for Ogle County Board.

-Mike Rock, Ogle County State's Attorney