Sale to benefit Chana School Museum


OREGON – This year’s huge sale to benefit the 1883 Chana School Museum will start Friday, May 24 and run until noon on Saturday, May 25 at the Oregon Coliseum in downtown Oregon.

If you would like to help with setup and/or the sale please call 815-732-2447.

If you are cleaning out old things to make way for new or simply downsizing to have more space, don't throw your unwanted items away. Save items for the annual Chana School Museum rummage sale. Why have the garbage man take perfectly good items big and small to the landfill? Box and bag good clean items for the non-for-profit.

We accept clean items such as furniture, clothes, household and kitchen items, books, holiday decorations, and more.  We do not take large entertainment centers, large appliances, curtain rods and blinds, and non-working items. If you question whether your item will be acceptable, please call 815-732-6807.

If you have Large items that need to be picked up for the sale, pick up appointments will start early the week beginning May 21, you may call 815-732-6807 or 815-732-2447.

The Chana School Foundation was formed to save the 1883 schoolhouse that once sat in Chana, Illinois. The building was going to be destroyed. The volunteer committee, the Chana School Foundation, was formed and successfully moved the schoolhouse to Park East in Oregon in 1998.  Since that time the School Museum has served the area communities. This spring nearly 400 students will come for an all-day living history experience from the 1800s. This not-for-profit project is run by volunteers and maintained by donations and grants.

Your donations are very important to the Chana School Museum. We are looking forward to your donated items and any cash donations from the public.  

After the fund raiser, clothing goes to help area nursing home residents and other sale items get packed off to other not-for-profits who have fund raisers in the area.

Volunteers have fun with one another while setting up for the sale and then helping during the sale. The work of many hands makes for light work for all.  

Mark your calendars to bring in your donations for this fund raiser and make sure you get to the sale early before all the bargains are gone. There is something for everyone. Someone's discarded item may be a treasure to someone else. All treasures are priced to go.