Women make quilt for Serenity


In 2016, Serenity had the privilege of serving the family of Don Bruce, a 40-year resident of Polo. 

He came into Serenity Home to spend his final days. If you knew Don, you knew he was kind and generous and a hard worker. He died young at the age of 69. He was also tall. Very tall. After his death, his wife Jane expressed an interest in helping Serenity obtain a bariatric bed for larger patients. Her generosity along with a grant from Woodward Governor in Rockford, allowed Serenity to turn one of their patient rooms into a bariatric room.

If you have ever visited Serenity, you know that quilts are symbolic of the comfort and peace found within our hospice home. Serenity’s collection of quilts are made with love by various artists and they serve to remind us of all the people and families we have served. 

Jane noticed that a larger bed would require a larger quilt. This is when she approached her friend of more than 25 years, Nina Mueller. 

“I knew the perfect person to make the quilt in honor of Don,” Jane said. “Don worked with Nina’s husband for 25 years. We were all very good friends.”  

Nina was honored to make the quilt, which was a work of love. She made the quilt in the rail fence pattern in beautiful masculine colors. Recently the two women visited Serenity Home and presented the new quilt in honor of Don and all the others who will find peace and comfort in the bariatric bed.