Actor to portray Darwin at the Jarrett Prairie Center


BYRON – The Byron Forest Preserve District will be offering the fourth of their free 2019 Winter Lecture Series on Sunday, March 3 beginning at 2 p.m. at their national award Jarrett Prairie Center Museum, 7993 North River Road in Byron.

The program is free and no advance registration is required. For more information call 815-234-8535, Ext. 200 or visit their website at The 2019 Winter Lecture Series is co-sponsored by Exelon Generation Byron Station and the Byron Forest Preserve District.

Chicago actor R.J. Lindsey will portray English naturalist, geologist and biologist Charles Darwin. Learn about Darwin’s five year around the world trip aboard the HMS Beagle and the many natural wonders that he uncovered along the way that led to the development of his theory of evolution. His book “On the Origin of the Species” published in 1859 transformed the way that we understand the natural world with ideas that, in his day, were nothing short of revolutionary. Darwin’s observations first gave us insight into the fantastic diversity of life on Earth and its origins, including our own species.