Health Department orders closure of Oregon SuperValu due to COVID-19 outbreak


OREGON – The Ogle County Health Department has ordered an immediate closure of SuperValu in Oregon. 

City of Oregon officials have been briefed on the need to close the grocery store. 

Due to the outbreak, it is necessary to take immediate action to protect the community from this dangerous and infectious disease. The Ogle County Health Department is working closely with Supervalu staff to control the outbreak and re-open as quickly as possible, including:

* Requesting employee information and screening logs

* Additional steps for employee monitoring

* Recommendations for additional sanitation processes

* Isolation of positive cases

* Quarantine of close contacts and household contacts

* Masking policy and signage to be displayed within the facility

Ogle County Health Department will work to identify and notify those that may have been in close contact with the individuals who have tested positive for the virus. SuperValu employees who believe they have been exposed and are symptomatic should contact their healthcare provider for direction.