Learn to grow your own herb garden


Do you like to cook with fresh herbs?

Growing an herb garden, or any plants for that matter, is a big dill and quite trendy.  It can also be very therapeutic during these trying thymes. There are many benefits to cooking with fresh herbs.

You can buy fresh herbs at the grocery store but there is nothing fresher than walking over to your plant and harvesting what you need for that meal. Fresh herbs also taste better than dried varieties. Although growing your own herbs requires a little effort, it is cost saving and you know the plants history, either organic or with fertilizers under your control. 

There is no thyme like the present; you can plant your own mixed herb container that keeps on giving on Thursday, March 25. The Oregon Park District and horticulture staff at Merlin’s Greenhouse have partnered to offer this workshop. Merlin’s will have a variety of herbs at the workshop and will be discussing the different varieties participants can choose from to plant.  Gardeners will choose and plant 3 favorite varieties in an oval container.  Learn tips and tricks for growing a successful herb garden to include caring for plants and harvesting. 

If it is mint to be, register for the March 25th class through the Oregon Park District.  Mark the date on your Kale-ender and register before the March 18 deadline.  Upon registration, choose the 6 p.m. class or the 7:30 p.m. class thyme. Classes are held at Cork & Tap. With IDPH guidelines there are limited spaces available. Fee is $33/Resident or $40/Non-Resident.  Register online at www.oregonpark.org or over the phone at 815-732-3101.

It is not too late to try something new. Growing herbs is easy and fun. Not to mention, herbs add variety, great flavor, and texture to your dishes and they bring color to your home.