Oreogn Police report 4-27-20


April 15

At 2:34 p.m., Oregon Police investigated a two-vehicle traffic crash that had occurred in the parking lot of the Dollar General, 1050 Pines Road, involving a 2000 Chevrolet driven by Joann M. Young, 79, Oregon, and a parked 2016 Subaru belonging to Carmen R. Kober, 50, Chana. No citations were issued.


April 17

At 8:38 p.m., Oregon Police arrested Donald J. Bigham, 63, for criminal trespass to property. This violation occurred in the 200 block of S. 4th Street.


April 18

At 6:29 p.m., Oregon Police responded to a disturbance at 700 E. Washington Street resulting in the arrest of Taylor R. Young, 22, Oregon, for domestic battery. Young was transported to the Ogle County jail.

4 parking citations issued from 04/13/2020 through 04/19/2020.

General calls for service

Through dispatch during the week of 04/13/2020 through 04/19/2020:

Checking a Subject / Vehicle             8          Citizen Complaints                             6

Animal Complaint                              1          Citizen Assist / Civil Problem            2

Assist EMS / Other Dept.                   2          Disturbance / Dom Battery                 5

911 Hang-up / Open Line                   5          Lockout Vehicle / Building                1

Alarm Response                                 1          Traffic Stops                                       1

Summertime Ordinance Reminders:

* Grass must not be any taller than 6” in height.

* Do not mow your grass so that it goes into the street – in addition to this being an ordinance regulation, it is also very dangerous for vehicles / motorcycles / pedestrians.

* If you spring clean and have furniture/mattresses/misc. large items – they are not to be just put out on the terrace/curb, you must contact Moring Disposal for a special pick up and place out the evening prior to pick up.

* Burning is not allowed on the terrace or street.

* Recreational fires and burning yard waste cannot be left smoldering or left unattended.