Prairie Preservation Society donates another courthouse tree


On a beautiful late summer morning with a hint of autumn, but not yet the dazzling white of winter, local volunteers and members of the Prairie Preservation Board met at Sand Ridge on Oct. 18 to select the perfect tree for Ogle County’s Candlelight Walk and celebration.

Again this year, a beautiful, full, tall tree was donated by the Prairie Society as a public service to the community.

Everyone is invited to witness the traditional tree lighting and attend the walk for its 35th anniversary on Nov. 27, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The volunteer committee included Liz Vos, Oregon Chamber of Commerce, Candace Rivera, Hazel’s Café, Lisa Jacobsen and Sheryl Broers, Woods Equipment (celebrating their 75th anniversary), and Craig Arnold, River Stone Christian Church. Bob and Sonia Vogl represented the Prairie Society Board. The choice of the tree was unanimous.