Couple honored for square dancing

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BYRON –  A local couple, Loren and Audrey Hildebrand, were recently honored by the State Council of Illinois Square Dance Association with the 2017 Hall of Fame Award.

This award is given to persons who have unselfishly volunteered their time and talents for the benefit and promotion of square dancing statewide.

Sue Wiggins, a member of the Hal of Fame Committee, presented the award at the  ceremony at the Illinois Square and Round Dance Convention this summer. The following was read at that time.

“Loren and Audrey are a caller and cuer couple who have called, cued and taught both together and separately for ten different clubs over the past 25 years. They host 25 to 30 dance parties annually to introduce new people to square dancing, round dancing, line dancing and contra dancing.  They also called and cued for clubs over a three state area. 

“They have held every office with in the local Rock River Area Dance Association and have been Directors (representatives) to the State Council.  Audrey is also the editor of the local dance magazine, DARTS, and is rarely seen without her camera. 

“They have had numerous jobs to insure the smooth running of the State Convention over the past 25 years, from being Convention Chairmen and assistant chairmen, to working with signs, programming the callers (six years), set-up, pins and ribbons, after parties, trail end dances  and photography (six years).  Along with this, they have called and cued at 25 Illinois State Conventions, as well as calling and cuing at over 20 conventions each in Iowa and Wisconsin.”

Loren called and taught Modern Western Square Dancing, and has called in twelve states, from Utah and Colorado, down to Florida. In the 1990's he recorded square dance records with Chicago Country Recordings.

Audrey cues rounds, which is ballroom dancing, only with cues, so that everyone is doing the same steps at the same time. She also choreographed several dances and taught both lessons locally and at conventions.

Contra dancing is like the Virginia Reel, done in facing lines.

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