Oregon Park District wins state award

The Oregon Park District’s Fairground Park renovation has won the Illinois Park & Recreation Association’s Outstanding Park & Facility Award.  The award is given to public agencies for exceptional unique achievements in design and development.

In 2017, the Oregon Park District completed a comprehensive plan and identified the community’s interest in maintaining existing facilities alongside additional outdoor recreation opportunities.  Staff was searching to provide intergenerational opportunities and increase physical activity within our community.

Fairground Park was selected to undergo an infrastructure update based on several factors.   The park was home to the District’s oldest playground and 53% of the community resides within 1 mile of the park. The Oregon Park District saw this as a chance to integrate outdoor opportunities for all ages utilizing three key design strategies: Play on Structures; Pathways for Play; and Outdoor Fitness. With these opportunities in place, Fairground Park was selected as a National Demonstration Site by PlayCore.

Park improvements included: three fitness pods along a ½ mile path each with a play element, new playground, swings, standalone play pieces, renovated basketball courts and baseball diamond, blacktop overlay on the trail and parking lot and renovated shelter allowing for ADA accessibility.

The completed design created an additional 6,000 square feet of outdoor play and fitness components for intergenerational programming, fitness and community partnerships. 

“Oregon Park District is honored to receive this award,” stated Erin Folk, Executive Director.  “The Board and staff pride themselves on improving services by listening and responding to the needs of the community.”


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