A busy winter for By-Y-Badgers


The By-Y-Badgers held a special party on Nov.17, 2019, to celebrate 50 years as a club at the Byron Public Library.

Clair Hildreth did a fantastic job organizing this event for the current and past members.

Club members kicked off December by helping with the Byron community event, Miracle on Second Street, on Dec. 6, 2019, by giving hay rides and helping Santa. Lauren Carlson and Alex Cassens also participated in the Festival of Trees. The December meeting was held December 9, and members enjoyed Lauren Carlson giving a presentation to expand their knowledge on live Christmas trees.

January’s meeting was held on Jan. 13, 2020. The members enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner and club leader, Julie Carlson, recognized members for the Club Experience Awards they earned for the 2018-2019 4-H year. Gold Club Experience awards went to: Kade Boatman, Kendall Boatman, Lauren Carlson, Will Carlson, Alex Cassens, Nick Cassens, Carter Conderman, Carson Conderman, Bruce Gehrke, Renee Gehrke, and Jacob Hickman. Silver Club Experience Awards were earned by Clair Hildreth and Alex Booker.  Bronze Club Experience Awards went to: Ella Tunink, James Tunink, and Colton Gehrke.  Cloverbud ribbons were presented to:  Andrew Hickman, Hazel Homman, and Adrien Booker. 

A special award was presented to the following members to recognize their last year in 4-H:  Will Carlson, Natalie Carlson, and Collin Conderman. The following club members gave talks to showcase their projects:  Kade Boatman, Kendall Boatman, Will Carlson, Alex Booker, Nick Cassens, Andrew Hickman, Adrien Booker, Ella Tunink, Colton Gehrke, Bruce Gehrke, Renee Gehrke, James Tunink, Alex Cassens, Carter Conderman, and Carson Conderman.

The club bowling tournament was held Feb. 2, 2020, at Uptown Lanes in Byron, and two of the teams qualified to compete at the Ogle County Finals Bowling Tournament. The senior team included Collin Conderman, Carter Conderman, Matthew Hickey, and the junior team included Nick Cassens, Kade Boatman, and Kenneth Boehm. The junior team placed second while the senior team placed third at the county finals.  A special presentation at the February meeting on Tupperware by Rebecca Bontz was arranged by Alex Cassens. Tupperware orders were used as a community service fundraiser for The Kitchen Table in Rochelle. Lauren Carlson also delivered a presentation on her floriculture shade garden project.

Members of the By-Y-Badgers 4-H Club participated in the Ogle County 4-H Penny Carnival held on March 7, 2020.  This year’s theme was “Build Your Future with 4-H” and the club’s booth received The Most Entertaining Award.  The club met on March 9, 2020, which included a team juggling leadership and communications activity led by Matthew Hickey.


 Submitted by Kendall & Kade Boatman, Club Reporters