Meridian Board honored as one of the best in state


Meridian’s Board of Education is one of 15 districts in the state of Illinois to receive the Illinois School Board Governance Recognition and the only board in the Northwest region to be recognized.

As a point of reference, there are more than 850 school districts in the state of Illinois. The Illinois Association of School Board (IASB) members will formally recognize the Meridian Board with the award at the IASB fall Northwest Division meeting.

The "School Board Governance Recognition" program acknowledges school boards that learn and practice effective governance behaviors as identified in IASB's Foundational Principles of Effective Governance, through participation in and support for board development programs and events. The primary focus of this program is on full board development and participation rather than individual board member efforts. Effective school boards understand that excellence in local school board governance requires full board commitment to obtaining the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to good governance

Meridian CUSD 223 Board President, John Smith, discussed the effort and energy put into the district by Board members at the September Board of Education meeting where this recognition was first publicly announced.  Smith stated, “I am proud of the Board members sitting around this table. Being a Board member is a volunteer position that comes with stress and angst. On top of fulfilling their duties as a board member I am continually impressed with this board’s commitment to their personal development and the growth of those within the district.”

The Meridian Board has seen little turnover in the past eight years after a significant turnover in the years prior. The stability and effort of the Board has helped lift Meridian from a time of stress and uncertainty to one fo stability and hope.

 “For this Board to be named among the top 2 percent of Boards in the state of Illinois is entirely appropriate and deserved,” said Meridian Superintendent, Dr. PJ Caposey. “The fact that they have done so for the 6th consecutive years is an absolutely stunning accomplishment.”

Meridian Board members are: John Smith – President; Kristine Youman – Vice President, Jill Huber – Secretary, Dr. Tim Flynn, Tim Devries, Marsha Welden, Matt Rhodes and Elaine Nicholson – Coordinator to the Board of Education.