Ogle County Fair cancelled for 2020


Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ogle County Fair Board has decided to cancel the 2020 Ogle County Fair.

“The first Ogle County Fair was held in October of 1853 on the lawn of the Ogle County Court House. Since then, thousands of patrons have attended the fair each year,” the Board said in a release. “Our focus has always been on the health and welfare of our communities, families and friends. While we strive each year to put on the best and most affordable fair the Global impact of the COVID pandemic has created necessary action.”

On May 15, the Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs provided, “Current resources that focus on the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) situation.” The guide has been published for the safety and best ways to protect our communities.

“There is no guarantee of an illness-free event even if you follow everything in this Reopening Guide. … health and safety measures are the best ways to protect live events and the people who create them, while also inspiring patrons to return to the places where we make magic happen,” said Steven A. Adelman, Vice President, Event Safety Alliance.

The Ogle County Fair Association met and reviewed the pros and cons amid COVID-19 pandemic, along with recommendations in the guide noted. The Fair Association discussed when it`s legal and reasonably safe, sanitizing the venue, increased social distancing to sanitization stations, temperature and health screening with highest priority of safety for fair goers. In the interest of protecting everyone who would attend the fair, the Ogle county Fair Association took a vote and it was unanimously decided to cancel the 167 the Ogle County Fair. The board said the health risks and added layers necessary for safety far outweigh the benefits of having the fair this year.

“We could have never expected this to happen but putting our fair goers at risk would never be worth it in the long run,” said Ogle County Fair Board President Tom Simpson. “Safety has to come first. We are all looking forward to next year and making it the best fair Ogle County has ever seen.”