OHS educator finalist for teaching award


OREGON – Oregon High School Spanish teacher, Kimberly Radostits, has been nominated as a finalist for this year's Illinois Teacher of the Year award.

The OHS staff planned a surprise announcement in Radostits’ classroom. Several former students came or sent videos congratulating her. The OHS staff got her balloons, flowers, and a cake. Also present were the school Board President Bryan Wills, the OHS Superintendent Tom Mahoney, as well as the Regional Superintendent Chris Tennyson.

Radostits is one of the 10 Regional Teachers of the Year and will be competing for the Illinois State Teacher of the Year later this spring. The annual Teacher of the Year program honors incredible classroom educators who have made lasting impacts on the students, families and fellow educators in their school communities.

Radostits began impacting students’ lives at OHS as a teacher in 2007. She achieved National Board Certification in 2011. From this, she has had the opportunity to write articles, present at conferences, provide professional development on technology to her colleagues, write curriculum, design courses, take her students abroad, and help plan numerous school events. In addition to teaching, she has been one of the facilitators of Oregon’s award-winning Hawks Take Flight program and New Teacher Academy. Additionally, she is one of the moderators of an online professional network for Spanish Teachers with over 13 thousand members. Her students affectionately call her Ms. Rad out of appreciation.

“Ms. Rad is always asking how she can help with school problems and even issues at home,” said OHS freshman, Christian Selden-Rodriguez, who sent the letter nominating Ms. Radostits. “No matter who you are, Ms. Rad will care for you. She is always looking for ways to improve the lives of her students and her teaching methods.”