Open mic event Dec. 21


MOUNT MORRIS – Fulfilling its role as one of Northern Illinois’ most progressive music venues, the Mount Morris Moose Family Center will once again host the Songwriters Open Mic held on the third Friday of each month. 

This month’s 2019 Christmas Finale on Dec. 21 will round out the 2018 schedule.

The Songwriters Open Mic produced by Jerry Tice of the renowned Mountain Grass Band and co-hosted by star performer Ruth Ann Lillstrom will showcase original musical or lyrical compositions performed by the creating artist. No covers. No accompanyist. All material must be family friendly.

At the inaugural show things got off to a rousing start with first artist - first original composition by Jim Henkel and The Legend of Leo. Leo Mongovan was from Jim's hometown of Harmon, a small Northern Illinois farming town.  n the depression era he went to Chicago and became a part of the Bugs Moran Gang. Somehow, he survived the gang wars (St. Valentine’s Day Massacre for example) and returned to Harmon to live out his life as a farmer. As Jim's well received song describes, "He always kept his back to the wall."

Each performer gets two songs and no more than 10 minutes. Sound is provided, but no complicated set-ups or processors. Each event will run from 7-9:30 p.m. Performer check-in is 6:30 p.m. Performance order will be drawn at 6:50 p.m.

It seems that there are many original compositions among our Northern Illinois musicians.

The Mount Morris Moose Family Center has an extensive menu of food and beverage so arrive hungry and thirsty and ready for original music.

Details are available from Jerry Tice at 815-449-2660.