Oregon working with businesses on reopening


OREGON – In response to Governor Pritzker moving the State of Illinois into Phase 3 on May 29, the City of Oregon immediately began planning to help assist our local businesses in creating outdoor seating space for use by their customers.

At a press conference on May 27, Mayor Ken Williams said that some city parking lots will be converted into outdoor seating for Oregon businesses. The conversion was expected to be completed by the May 29 opening date.

“Oregon is a friendly active community and we all look forward to the next step in controlled opening up of our businesses,” Williams said. “We have an amazing and engaged group of citizens that came together to create a downtown dining and entertainment experience to serve our residents and benefit our businesses.”

Working closely with the Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce the City of Oregon has taken the following steps:

* On May 26 the City Council voted unanimously to place a temporary moratorium on ordinance 4-11 (No alcohol allowed on City Property). This will allow alcohol service in the outdoor designated spaces on City Property by permit.

* The City has designated the 1st and 2nd row of parking (excluding the handicapped parking space) in the 3rd Street Municipal parking lot for outdoor seating for restaurant and bar customers.

* A 20-minute parking space(s) will be designated in the 3rd Street Municipal lot for customers to pick up and drop off.

* Odd Even parking enforcement in the 3rd Street Municipal Parking Lot will be suspended temporarily. (We ask the public to be mindful of the necessary parking for our local business needs as they begin to open. 2 hour and all other parking regulations will continue to be enforced.)

* We have designated the drive thru lane of the old Community State Bank (owned by the City) for outdoor seating. The public bathroom will be open (following sanitization recommendations) for use by outdoor customers.

* The City has designated the open space North of the Drive-thru facility for use for outdoor exercise space if needed.

* Oregon Area Chamber of Commerce continues to help coordinate and communicate the plans and needs of business owners.

* The City of Oregon Street Department will provide temporary fencing for these areas. The Street Department will also empty the garbage cans in the public use spaces daily.

* Many thanks to multiple organizations including Autumn on Parade, River Stone Church, and others who have reached out to lend tables, chairs, and canopies for these businesses. Please contact the chamber if you would like to help by lending your outdoor tables to businesses at 815-732-2100.

“The City of Oregon is excited to be a part of this collaborative effort,” said Darin DeHaan, city administrator. “We are eager to do our small part in helping local businesses get back open and running according to State guidelines. We know how essential each and every one of our local businesses are to our community.”