Plenty of variety at Oregon Farmer's Market


OREGON – Buy Local and buy fresh at the Oregon Farmers Market on Saturday mornings between 8:30 a.m. and noon on the Ogle County Courthouse Lawn. 

There are a variety of vendors selling everything from produce and food to flowers and plants.  Our newest vendor enjoys the hobby of Bee Keeping. Come and meet Gary and Diane Schrimpsher and purchase some local golden honey dripping with sweet flavor! 

Gary is a truck driver by trade, but his love for bees began as a child growing up in North Carolina on a farm where his dad kept bees. As an adult living in Texas he purchased some of his own bee hives and was mentored by his local Pastor, Keith Dennis who was also a commercial beekeeper. Gary learned everything he could about caring for honey bees and having successful hives.

Gary and Diane moved to Oregon about 15 years ago and again chose to enjoy their hobby of beekeeping. They currently have 4four hives at their home on S. Daysville Road. They look forward to expanding their number of hives in the years to come. They like to share their honey with friends and family and will be at the Oregon Farmers Market selling their surplus until it is gone. 

Gary and Dian invite all who are interested in bees to stop by their booth to visit and share “bee stories” and to learn about honey bees. Purchase a jar or two and enjoy local honey while it lasts.  The bees have been busy and Gary keeps busy working the hives, without any protection, just like Father Keith taught him years ago.