Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club makes donation to Shriner’s Hospital in honor of Donald Vogeler


CHANA — On Friday, April 12, Seth Gelander, president, and Dave Gerber, treasurer, of the Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club, made a heartfelt contribution to the Shriner’s Hospital in honor of Donald Vogeler. Don, fondly remembered alongside his wife Tootie, was a cherished member of the Conservation Club. Together, with their grandchildren and friends, they spent weekends at the campgrounds, soaking in the splendor of nature and wildlife. 

Emily Anaya, Don and Tootie’s granddaughter said, “The Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club was my childhood haven where the simple joys of camping came alive with my grandparents. Days filled with fishing, playful moments at the playground, and evenings spent wrapped in the warmth of campfire tales. These cherished memories are imprinted on my heart forever.”

Gerber stated, “At the Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club the legacy of outdoor wonders lives on. The spirit of adventure thrives, welcoming youth to enjoy camping, fishing and outdoor education, accompanied by the sprawling beauty of its grounds. Its where families share experiences that kindle the flames of togetherness.”

Gelander said, “As a fellow Mason, it felt right to honor Don, a dedicated, longstanding member who was deeply committed to the growth of our future generations Upholding such legacies is at the core of our mission here at the Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club.

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