Rock beats Morrow in State's Attorney race


OGLE COUNTY – Mike Rock has won the Republican Primary Election for Ogle County State’s Attorney, unseating incumbent Eric Morrow.

“I’m very happy to serve the citizens of Ogle County and am looking forward to getting to work in December,” Rock said Wednesday morning. “I hope to develop a positive relationship with law enforcement and the county board as well.”

Of Ogle County’s 52 precincts, Rock received 3,240 votes (54.23 percent) while Morrow received 2,735 (45.77 percent).

Rock currently serves on the board of directors for HOPE of Ogle County and is currently chief of staff of the Winnebago County state’s attorney office. He was first assistant to the state’s attorney in Ogle County from 2010 to 2013 before being appointed interim state’s attorney by the county board when Ben Roe became a judge.

Rock was also previously in private practice from 2000 to 2010.

“I'm certainly disappointed in the election results, but the voters have spoken and I accept that,” Morrow said. “I am proud of what our office has accomplished since 2014. I wish Mr. Rock the best and will work with him to make sure that there is a smooth transition.”

In the race for District 3 of the Ogle County Board, Daniel C. Miller won the race for the seat. Miller received 243 votes while Jamey Sulser received 119.

Other races

In the Presidential nomination race, Donald J. Trump won the Republican ballot with 5,329 votes while Joeseph R. Biden took the Democratic ballot in Ogle County with 2,274 votes.

United States Senator (Republican): Mark C. Curran Jr. – 2, 081; Peggy Hubbard – 1,246; Robert Marshall – 885; Tom Carter – 740; and Casey Chlebek – 231

Delegate for National Nominating Convention (Republican): John Cabello – 4,741; Jan Klaas – 3,606

Alternate Delegate for National Nominating Convention (Republican): Susan Wynn Bence – 3,802; Larry Smith – 3,795; and Judith Wooten – 3,610

Delegate for National Nominating Convention (Democrat): Steve Stadelman – 2,353; Wendy LaFauce – 1,978; Amy Sipovic Boyles – 1,868; and Ashwin Puri – 1,809

District 1 Ogle County Board: Zachary Oltmanns – 540 (uncontested)

District 2 Ogle County Board: Thomas K. Smith – 1,028 (uncontested)

District 4 Ogle County Board: David R. Williams – 622 (uncontested)

District 5 Ogle County Board: Donald Griffin – 804 (uncontested)

District 6 Ogle County Board: Larry Boes – 546 (uncontested)

District 7 Ogle County Board: John W. Finfrock – 668 (uncontested)

District 8 Ogle County Board: Marcia Heuer – 753 (uncontested)