Students reach out to community for project ideas


OREGON – Each year, Oregon High School students in the “changemaker pathway” (Open Program, Social Entrepreneurship, and Senior Capstone classes) complete community-minded projects of their choice. 

From yoga classes, to elementary school camps, to woodworking and welding, from volunteering their time to operating profitable social enterprises, OHS Changemakers take a leadership role in helping their small communities thrive.

This year, the OHS Changemakers want to invite community members to submit project ideas. The guidelines are simple: Projects must be community-focused in some way, must be able to be completed within one semester and must be manageable for one student given 45 minutes a day. What projects would you like to see addressed in the community?

Submitted project ideas will be shared with Open Program, Social Entrepreneurship and Capstone students. Interested students will be given the option to “champion” an idea, making it their cause for second semester, and will work closely with community members and OHS faculty to help it become a success.

OHS would love to hear from you. If you have an idea for a project that could help the community in some way, please take a few moments to submit the idea via email to program instructor Aaron Sitze at