VOP earns award


OREGON – The Village of Progress was selected by 100 Women Who Care of Ogle County to receive its October 2020 Award, totaling $1100.

The 100 Women Who Care of Ogle County Chapter is one of 900 chapters worldwide that raises money for grassroots charities in their local communities. At each meeting representatives from member-nominated 501(c) 3 nonprofit charities present a project for consideration for the award. During meetings, each member votes for one of the projects and writes a check for $100 to the winning charity.

To adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines, the Ogle County Chapter has suspended in-person meetings and meets via ZOOM. Information about each non-profit’s goals for the money, should they be the recipient, is given and then each member votes electronically for the charity of their choice.

Since 1969, the Village of Progress has been serving the needs of adults with developmental disabilities in Ogle County. The Village offers innovative vocational

skills, exceptional recreational programs, and engaging

social activities.

Village of Progress was chosen for the award to help with the continuance of their contract work in packaging of Wahl products, the help in organizing and shipping of

donated clothing to third-world countries and the operating of their own Village Bakery during this pandemic.

“We are delighted VOP was the winning charity at our October meeting,” said Arlene Sangmeister, a member of the Ogle County Chapter. “There are over 400 registered charities in Ogle County which are deserving of these donations, especially now when things are more difficult to accomplish during the pandemic.”

When asked “Why join 100 WWC”, the answer is always three-fold: It is a way to give back to your community without having to attend monthly meetings. (100 WWW meets quarterly); 100 percent of your donation goes directly to the local charity; there are no administration fees or postal fees, and your donation is tax-deductible. (This donation amounts to only 33 and one-third dollars a month); It gives you a sense of satisfaction knowing that you are doing something that has an impact on your friends and neighbors in your county.

You must be a member of 100WWC to nominate a charity for consideration. We are open to any woman who has a desire to help others in need. It is possibly the easiest way to help make a difference. Currently, there are 11 members who started this organization in January, just before the COVID pandemic hit. Many chapters have had to change their names from 100WWC to 100+WWC as they have well over 100 members.

If you are interested in joining the camaraderie of women who want to make a difference locally, please contact Deanna Forrest at forrestdeanna@hotmail.com or call 815-384-5555.