Woman finds ring on Rock River bank


Amy Holder has spent a lot of time combing the Rock River in Byron and Oregon.

Holder, of Stillman Valley, enjoys beach combining – although as she points out, searching river mud for items is actually mudlarking – and has found plenty of interesting items. She said she has found a Liberty Head nickel, a ceramic doll head, Civil War button, Victorian era shoe and much more.

But recently she found a woman’s 10K gold ring and would like to get it back to its owner. She found the ring on the shore of River Park in Byron. It is inscribed with the letter “K” and stamped 10K on the back. The ring is clearly old and it is damaged.

If anyone reading this knows anything about the ring, or who may have lost it, please contact the Ogle County Life via email at bjennings@oglecountylife.com.