Costume contest winners announced

Here are the winners of the 69th Knights of Columbus Halloween Parade contest: 

Infant to One year old: 1st place - Victoria Ramirez as Oompa Loompa; 2nd place - Brigg Barnas as Dragon; 3rd place- Morgan Miller as Little Bo Peep; 4th place - Jude Bruns as Bee.

Two to Four years old: 1st place - Michael Keaty as Spider; 2nd place - Noah Barnas as Dragon; 3rd place - Marie Ramirez as Miraculous Lady Bug; 4th place - Coco Krup as Little Pig.

Five to Seven years old: 1st place - Karter Griton as Ghostbusters; 2nd place - Christine Ramirez as Frida Kahlo; 3rd place - Harper Bruns as Vampire Queen; 4th place -  Tessa Bruns as Witch.

Eight years and up:

1st place - Brayden Williamsen as Outhouse; 2nd place - Kade Griton as Ghostbusters; 3rd place - Noelle Griton as Stay Puff; 4th place - Bethany Reed as Spider Girl.

Best of Show: Brayden Williamsen as Outhouse

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