Letter: Support for Christie Cox


Dear editor,

As a pastor over the course of the past twenty years, I have on multiple occasions been asked to officiate funeral services in conjunction with Christie Cox at Polo Family Funeral Home. Having known Christie and her family for over two decades, without reservation, I lend my full support and endorsement in her bid to serve the people as the next Ogle County Coroner.

As an established funeral director and current Deputy-Coroner, Christie will bring to the office of Coroner the knowledge, experience, and consistency required to be effective in such a position. Having worked for and with multiple local funeral homes, Christie has developed relationships with families throughout Ogle County that will undoubtedly assist her in carrying out the occasional delicate duties of Coroner. Christie, alongside her husband Marty, and their children, have been active members of their local church for over 30 years, where Marty’s father served as the pastor. This longstanding commitment to their faith community further solidifies their ties to the county and underscores the deep-rooted connections Christie has fostered, both professionally and personally. More importantly, her integrity is unwavering which is a character quality often lacking in the political arena of our day.

As a businesswoman, Christie’s professionalism, poise, and sensitivity will surely be an asset in dealing with the issues and challenges pertinent to the Coroner’s office. She will serve with dignity and honor because that is who she is. Christie absolutely values life and has a sober respect for the deceased.

For these reasons, I urge the good citizens of Ogle county to cast their vote for Christie Cox for Ogle County Coroner in the upcoming March 19 Republican Primary election.

-Luke N. Schier, Polo