Letter: Support for Dan Janes


(Paid letter)

Dear editor,

We are writing in support of Dan Janes’ candidacy for County Board Member from District 5 in the upcoming March 19 Republican Primary. We have had the privilege to serve and work with Dan for combined decades as County Board members in District 5 and on other local civic projects. Dan has served on the Long-Range Planning Committee, Zoning, Executive, Highway, and on ad hoc committees when needed, providing his knowledge and expertise. Dan is always willing to help and has provided the team with support which has resulted in project costs that are under budget and with energy sustainable designs. Safety, quality, and values are a high priority for projects which will extend the life of facilities into the future for all Ogle County citizens. 

Dan has served as Planning & Zoning chairman, which is one of the highest responsibilities of the County Board. Dan’s leadership of Planning & Zoning has provided an updated County Comprehensive Plan and many complex zoning requirement decisions supporting residents and agricultural rights for now and into the future of our county.

Dan has assisted the Finance Committee and served on the Executive Committee, researching grant opportunities, and assisting in the recruiting of a grant writer to assist both Ogle County and communities.

Dan’s community service extends to membership in the Lions Club; as a strong advocate for Weld Park, promoting and helping in land and park restoration; and a 14-year past member of the Meridian CUSD 223 School Board.

Dan has served the citizens of Ogle County with altruism, integrity, and purpose. I hope you will join us and vote for Dan for Ogle County Board Member in the upcoming primary election on March 19.

-Ogle County Board Members Don Griffin and Bruce Larson