Letter: Support Janes for County Board


(Paid letter)

Dear editor,

I am writing in full support of Ogle County Board Member Dan Janes. Dan embodies the spirt of dedication, commitment, and community life that we cherish in our representatives. His research on pertinent issues, coupled with his excellent communication skills, truly sets him apart.

As a lifelong resident of Ogle County, Dan's advocacy for the community stems from a genuine love and understanding of its needs. His tireless work ethic and deep involvement in local affairs exemplify his unwavering commitment to the betterment of Ogle County.

Beyond his professional attributes, Dan is a family man with a strong faith, values that resonate deeply with the community's core beliefs.

In these times of uncertainty, having a dedicated and accessible leader like Dan Janes is paramount. I urge fellow residents to continue supporting Dan for County Board.

-Tony McCombie, House Minority Leader / IL House District 89