Samantha Rae Gilmour


Samantha Rae Gilmour, 27, passed away on Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020 at home with her parents by her side. She was born on June 21, 1993 and her parents were so excited to welcome her into this world. After enduring over 15 years of gastrointestinal problems she was ultimately diagnosed with Chronic Global Neuromyopathic Gastrointestinal Dysmotility, a rare digestive disorder including malabsorption.

Samantha always had a love for books ever since a young age and looked forward to the summer reading program at the library each year. Her love for books continued on through her entire life as it became a loved passion. She had a collection of well over 400 books which will be donated to TLC Living Community in Machesney Park for their library.

She graduated from Oregon High School in 2011 with her last 2 years being home schooled due to her ongoing medical condition. We were proud of the dedication that she put forth to accomplish this goal as it was not always an easy task.

Samantha was a beautiful young woman whose life was cut too short. She lived with a strength that was beyond her years. We admired her every single day she was with us. She had strong convictions for what she believed in whether it was injustice to others or to animals.  he loved all cats especially her beloved Biscuit who helped her in so many ways. We as parents were proud of her for what she did accomplish in her short time with us. She did things full force and attacked each project with a vengeance. She left us with many items that she had made that will always be a reminder of her abilities and passions. One could say that she decorated our life with her outpouring of love in the items that she produced.

She was able to face her daily challenges and fears as she knew that she would ultimately be reunited with her beloved cat Biscuit (07/19/2017) on the Rainbow Bridge. It was her one solace knowing that there was a loved one waiting for her when the time came for her to depart this physical world. 

Watching her on a daily basis we learned just how strong she was and it was inspirational to say the least.  t certainly made one question themselves as to how they would be able to handle such a situation? In spite of the pending situation how does one carry on?  It is something one so young should never have had to face. She taught us so much in how to face adversity with her will to live life each day. If she wanted to experience something she went for it and didn’t put it off as she wanted to live each day to the fullest.

One never knows what challenges you will face in life that molds you into the person you ultimately become. One thing we are sure of is the fact that Samantha had a huge effect on our lives and we were glad to have been her parents. 

Samantha's journey was a long one, and we would like to acknowledge our appreciation to Serenity Hospice for the memorable trip we were able to take in 2018 to see The Lion King on Broadway. New York York an amazing opportunity for her and one that she never forgot. We want to thank her many doctors who helped with her care over the years. Also ,a special "thank you" to Unity Hospice for their compassion with her end of life care including Raeann, Kim, Tess, Connie and anyone else whom we may have forgotten. We would especially like to thank Kiwi her nurse practitioner, who truly listened to Samantha. Kiwi will always have a special place in our hearts for her understanding  the specific nature of the illness that was involved.  We are so grateful to have met you all.

She is survived by her parents, Patrick and Nancy of Mount Morris, sister Danni (Melissa O’Shea) Gilmour of Midlothian, Ill., brother Timothy (Claire) Gilmour and niece Beatrice and nephew Ephram Gilmour of Galesburg. Grandparents Rae Rothermel, Machesney Park, formally of Polo, Jack Gilmour of Mesa, Ariz. Aunts and uncles: Vicky (Bob) Bray, Brian (Karen) Rothermel, Margi (Bruce) Gilmour-Washington, Steve (Tammy) Gilmour, Cathie Gilmour, Mary (John Manning) Rogers, Greg Gilmour, Karen (Terry) Estep, Sarah (Rob) Klosa, Jason (Kim) Berg and Cody (Kristin Truemper) Rothermel along with numerous cousins. 

She was preceded in death by 3 grandparents Barbara Gilmour, Mary Lynn (Buck) Gilmour and Sandi Rothermel. 

Finch Funeral Home at 405 E Hitt St. Mount Morris, will assist with Samantha’s wish to be cremated.  Due to Covid-19 there will be no visitation at this time.

In lieu of flowers memorials may be directed to the family at P.O. Box 53 Mt Morris, IL 61054 for a donation in her name to an animal shelter to perpetuate her love for cats.

Samantha, fly high free from pain and finally enjoy that "blue box" of mac 'n cheese! We will love you forever, our guardian angel.