So much for the endless summer


As a guy who dreams of endless summers, the trees in my yard are always there to remind me that my never-ending summer is just a dream.

There is one tree in particular with leaves that turn yellow and fall fairly early each year – well, early for me.

And now I see others are starting to follow that tree’s lead. The trees across the street are starting a slow turn as well.

My wonderful, warm, favorite season of summer is coming to an end. Well, according to the calendar it is officially over. But I tend to ignore the calendar for as long as I can.

In the history of summers, and I have more than a few under my belt, this certainly ranks up there as the shortest I can remember. It feels like I was chipping ice off of my back patio two days ago.

Did you have a busy summer? Did you take advantage of the glorious weather? I know that I did. I took a few long motorcycle trips, which I have documented here. The last one was actually just over a week ago when I went to visit my daughter in Duluth, Minn. OK, that was only a little over 800 miles, but it counts.

There is still nothing quite like riding in the open air on a beautiful day, enjoying nature and dodging soccer moms in mini vans who are apparently trying to kill me. Get off the phone, Karen.

This was a pretty dry summer, too. That might not be good for farmers, but as a rider and frequent lawn mower I had no problem with less rain. I haven’t mowed my large yard in weeks now, and although I am sure I have at least one more mow on the horizon this year, I can always hope that I am done for 2021.

Also, after being rained out multiple times last year, it looks like the band I am in will make it through the summer of 2021 with a total of zero rain outs. That is a very uncommon win in the Midwest, but I’ll take it.

Unfortunately, the anger in the country does not seem to have subsided over this wonderful summer. Social media is still a seething cesspool of hate, anger and blame shifting.

And even out in the wild people seem on the edge of losing it. I saw a large truck – and I mean it was jacked up so high it could drive over small buildings – with “F*@$# Biden” painted in large letters on the tailgate. Except it was the real word, not code.

My first thought was, “Why do that to your truck?” Then I wondered what parents with children who see this truck driving around think. Dude, it is summer. Beautiful, beautiful summer. What are you doing? Enjoy life already!

Summer is no time for any of us to deal with knuckleheads like this. We have fun and smiles to focus on, am I right?

I know that I enjoyed our lovely summer, and I am already making plans for next year, including a late spring trip to Arizona to see my father. Yes, on my motorcycle.

In the meantime, I am starting to brace myself for a lot of gutter cleaning, as the trees in our yard start dropping leaves at an accelerated pace. And after that comes the snow, the ice and the cold.

And me, just waiting until the next summer so I can get out and enjoy the beautiful days we get here in our region.