Winter here? Time to find a hobby


Winter certainly arrived with a bang, didn’t it?

After pretty much no fall at all, we have been pushed face first into a cold, wet mountain of snow. I know a few of you are jumping with joy at this development. You are out riding your snowmobiles, cross-country skiing, making snow angels and generally having the kind of fun that should be reserved for good seasons, like summer.

Of course, I – like all of you – choose to live in this part of the country, so I know what to expect. Winter might not be my favorite season, but I muddle through.

But as we are tossed into the thick of winter driving season, please remember a couple of things: First, slow down. Driving fast, or even the speed limit, on area roads in the winter is not only dumb, it could be deadly.

Second, clean ALL of the snow from your car before you leave the house. I don’t need the snow piled a foot high on the top of your SUV to slide off and bury me, thank you very much.

Third, wearing shorts when there is snow on the ground and it is 20 degrees does not make you look cool. It makes you look the opposite of cool.

For those of us who are not winter lovers, there are still plenty of things to keep you busy while waiting for the nice weather to return. One thing my wife and I do is go out and enjoy live music. Winter is a good time to do that.

Here are some other suggestions:

* Netflix and chill. Yes, Netflix is great all year, but the winter is the perfect time to plop down on the couch and binge watch that detective show you have been hearing so much about. Or catching up on romantic comedies. Or watching live comedy specials until you realize that those redneck comics really aren’t that funny.

* Take up a hobby. Model train building, anyone? How about you learn to crochet yourself a full-body couch outfit with pockets for your phone and assorted snack cakes?

* Learn a new language. Spanish is one you could probably use often, but Njerep would be a fascinating option, as it is only still spoken by four people in Nigeria.

* Enjoy some board games. Remember how much you loved playing Monopoly when you were a kid with your brothers? Remember how they always bought up those fancy blue properties and put hotels on them and took all of your money? Remember how you threw a tantrum and destroyed the board and your mom sent you to your room while your brothers laughed? Yeah, don’t play board games.

* Read. I love to read and am always reading a book – mostly at night before I go to sleep. Reading is something we should all do more of, I believe. It keeps your mind sharp, which is very helpful during the cold, grey winter months.

* Do that project you have always talked about doing. Remodeling your kitchen, or building in some new cabinets. Or maybe constructing a roller derby rink in your basement and starting your own league.

Whatever you do, make sure to keep busy. Winter can, frankly, drive you nuts if you let it. Take advantage of any nice days and just hold on until the days grow longer and warmer.

We can do this!