Yes, it is officially warming up – get out and celebrate!


And just like that, the weather improved. Somewhat.

I am not exactly ready to do a happy naked dance to the weather gods, but at least the threat of snow has left the forecast – for now.

That was a tough winter followed by what has been a pretty rotten spring, am I right? I haven’t talked to a single person in months who was at all happy with the weather situation.

But all it takes is the first 80-degree day to make us, as our moms might say, turn our frowns upside down.

Well, at least until the first people start whining about it being too hot. But we should be safe from that for at least, oh, another 7 minutes.

But with the warmer weather comes some things we may have forgotten about, like our pals the mosquitos. Miss them did ya? Of course you didn’t.

They have not forgotten you either, so make sure you have plenty of bug spray ready when you and the family decide to go all Discovery Channel and hit the trail this summer.

And while you are at it, please use sunblock. The days of laying by the pool or lake slathering on baby oil so you could basically boil your way to a nice tan are over. Be smart and avoid damage from the sun. Your skin will thank you.

Here are a few other summer reminders:

* Hydrate, people. Yeah, you. The guy who takes a hike on a 90-degree day and then can’t figure out why your head is pounding for hours after you get home. Drink plenty of water. It’s cheap and it can keep you from suffering from heat stroke.

* Speaking of heat stroke, be smart out there. If you want to work in the yard, dress appropriately and don’t overdo it. Those weeds will still be there tomorrow, so don’t feel like you have to get them all today. Wear a hat and find some shade from time to time.

* And when you do decide to do some yard work, please don’t blow your grass clippings out onto the road. In case you didn’t know this, it is against the law. Why? Because it can be dangerous for those riding motorcycles and bicycles. In fact, it can be deadly to motorcyclists. Riding on freshly cut grass can be like riding on ice for a motorcycle, so please be careful where you are blowing your grass. The life you save might be mine.

* Yes, it is shorts season. But, as a reminder from pretty much every sane person, do not, under any circumstances, wear socks with your sandals. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Men, I still see too many of you doing this. You must know that it is a terrible, awful, no good look. Yes, we are secretly laughing at you when you wear socks with sandals – so just don’t.

* Take a vacation. That’s right, it’s summer. Pack up the family truckster for a road trip. Eat bad food. Stop at ridiculous road-side attractions. Spend too much money. Get out there and make some memories!

* Eat plenty of ice cream. I am no doctor, but you have to eat the proper amount of ice cream in the summer for your own wellbeing. Trust me on this.

Lastly, just enjoy the warmth. We earned this summer, people. So, let’s get out there and live it up!